Money, why

I’m in the process of getting my resident permit for the Netherlands. It takes up to five weeks of waiting for them to decide whether I am dangerous or not for their country.

I am, in the meantime, trying to come up with new ways to make money. My situation is a little bit complicated because before knowing I had a partial scholarship, the numbers weren’t giving so I just assumed I would have to keep working for another year before leaving. After the scholarship, things changed. I made the choice to go with what I have and my budget is tight. Tight as my jeans after eating an entire Texas-size rack of baby back ribs. Funny I mention my favorite dish because, of course, I won’t be having it for a long, long time. Good bye pork-meat heaven. What food’s cheap in the Netherlands, anyway? Sometimes going from not-saving-a-penny to trying to save even the number of breaths I take feels like mom was right, and I should’ve thought twice before deciding to quit a very well-paid job.

I’m trying to get additional scholarships from Mexico but my Master program doesn’t fall into any scholarship category. Apparently, I’m the only person in the entire country who thinks studying philosophy in the 21st century is important. So nobody wants to fund my studies. Well, sorry folks, somebody’s gonna have to join me in the game. I will not rest until one of you accepts to help me.

Mom says “there are other priorities for the country right now”. And though I may not target my studies for productivity or profit around here, we do need to have some critical thinking going on in this place.

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