On fearing Immigrants

I’ve been on a (perhaps unnecessary) rampage of watching hardcore right wing conservatives sharing stats of immigrants flooding their home countries. From Milo Yiannopoulos to Ann Coulter and the increasing popularity of Donald Trump, seems they won’t hold their tongues and thoughts to bombard us with their multiple concerns on how foreigners are a threat to the safety and peace of their precious first world.

You want to be safe, I get it. It is not your fault that developing countries or third world countries are suffering an economical, military or ideological crisis. You do not want them disturbing the peace and beauty of the awesome free country in which you were born, I think I get it.

But the problem with that posture, one I believe you should consider, is that people under horrible circumstances didn’t choose to be on them. That was just a random turn of the dice that shaped their whole existence.

If they had been born in your situation, they wouldn’t have to leave their homes, they would stay with their families, study and make a career for themselves in their own country just as you did. And if you were born in their situation, you wouldn’t have that many choices, and it would be easy for you to consider walking whatever steps are necessary to protect your life, to look for money in a place where there actually is money, and save your family from poverty.

And you need to choose whether you feel any empathy for them and their situation or not. And if you find yourself lacking empathy for them, you may want to ask yourself whether your life and your own well-being and peace of mind is worth more than theirs. Ask yourself if their human rights are as valuable as yours.

Yes, having immigrants is a pain in the ass, they come here, they want jobs, they want a place to live, they take up all your space, and they may not come from a very progressive culture as yours. Yes, cultural shock could unbalance any place. But don’t we want to discuss, then, how we can prevent that people find themselves in a situation that demands them to flee from home to save their lives? Have you considered the slight possibility that the economic structure that the first world government has built up is taking on the exact same people you now hate? And can we change it so that everyone gets a fair sized slice of the cake? Why aren’t we inclining towards that side of the discussion? Because asking someone to stay still in a city where there are daily bombings and literally dozens of people are killed every day wouldn’t sound very appealing to me.

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