My name is Patricia (Patyt) Reyes. I’m a mechatronics engineer and philosopher of technology and here’s my open-ended story:

During the summer of 1991, at the center of a booming industrial city in Mexico, “I was born with blood on my hands and had all the signs of a bleeding heart.” ¹ That’s just a poetic way of saying I was a privileged middle class child who soon started to carry the weight of ecocide and global inequality on her little shoulders :):(

Trying to make sense of it all, I have explored academic, working, and creative opportunities in a pretty wide range of fields. I’ve been a design engineer, journalist, researcher, photographer, musician, activist, organizer of cultural events, coordinator of community spaces, and the list goes on and on and on and on and

All in all, 30 years living in this crazy world have taught me to take in our troubling times with a BIG heart, carry on a relentless, unapologetic fight for social and ecological justice, and make my ride on planet Earth as exciting and joyful as humanly possible.

Despite the fact that I’ve walked a sinuous life path, the end goal does seem to get clearer with each passing day:

I want to create new ways of understanding the complex, interwoven dynamics between social and technological developments. In other words, I want to grasp our history as it unfolds: looking at the past to learn how modern civilization arrived to its current predicaments, and looking into the future with unleashed imagination to propose solutions for the new generations to survive and thrive.

This is a goal I chase with my current research and community work, but also just by living and paying attention: to current news and developments, to what people of all walks of life have to say, and to my feelings of awe, anger, joy & sadness.

Because (1) I am quite short, (2) I can never stop smiling and (3) I deliberately make grammar mistakes when I’m writing on digital platforms; people find it really hard to take me seriously. However, I do have impressive credentials that you can check out in my CV.

¹No Way Down“, James R. Mercer / The Shins (2012)

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