Getting my Dutch Visa

Well, I’m back from Mexico City where I had my appointment with the Netherlands’ embassy today. It was a fucking odyssey trying to get there on time because the city is HUGE and traffic jam in the weekdays is just ridiculous. So my aunt, which has been living in the city for about half a year, offers to take me there. Awesome, we don’t really know the whole city so we use Google Maps, right? Turns out there’s a pretty decent road within a couple of miles you can take with very few minutes of delay, so we get on our way. We drove between steep hills for about 15 minutes and my aunt was crazy scared and then we finally get to the long expected nice road – yay!? No.

My aunt seemed to forget you have to have some sort of pre-paid card in your car to drive through that specific road (it’s called a tag, and now I know the road was the second floor of Mexico’s city Peripheral Ring). And by this time we’re totally past our alternative exits to get to the embassy. It’s getting pretty late and my aunt feels super bad. We start to think I’m not gonna get my visa, but I can’t NOT get my visa because I already quit my job. Plus, I really want to go and study my master. Are people from the Netherlands always on time? Will they get offended if I’m late? I don’t really want to find out. So we decide to call an Uber which will obviously have that prepaid tag and I’ll take that road and I’ll get my visa and I’ll get my master degree.

The Uber arrives within two minutes, I jump to this other car, wave my aunt goodbye and I’m on my way again. I’m a little bit more relaxed, everything’s going pretty smooth and we’re a few minutes from there. I’ve got everything I need with me, right?. Except for… my papers!? I forgot my papers on my aunt’s car! I try calling her a hundred times, the call finally gets through. “Aunt, I forgot my papers in your car” I can tell from her voice she’s about to faint, she tells me she’ll try to make it as soon as possible but I should make an appearance in the embassy and explain the situation.

I’m just walking to the embassy, I cannot help but laugh at myself. These things just keep happening to me. I have no idea how I’ve managed to keep myself alive for 25 years. Seriously. 

Everything went pretty well at the embassy, they waited for me, I gave them all the papers needed and now my passport is traveling to Washington to get my visa stuck on there. Meanwhile, I’m back in my hometown and I’ll be trying to close any pending item at my job, pack everything up, plan a couple of farewell parties and get ready for my trip.

Here’s a rainbow I spotted on the flight from Mexico city today. It doesn’t really have any meaning other than the spectrum of light caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion, but it kinda reminds me I don’t have to be perfect to get things going. 

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